History of sli.do

Sli.do’s beginnings date back to 2012 when its founders were working on a project trying to improve teaching methods at the Slovak universities. Realizing that lecturers firstly need to know what they do well and where they fall behind, the idea that naturally emerged was to come up with an effective tech tool to get  instant feedback from students so they didn’t have to fill in printed surveys after each and every lecture.

After winning two start-up competitions in Bratislava and Vienna, sli.do quickly started gaining traction and the team commenced focusing on conference organisers who could get instant feedback from their audiences. The team felt that if they wanted to start marketing the product seriously, a catchy name was needed. They finally settled on sli.do – a name making reference to a slide in the presentation and the ease of use of when you slide your finger to unlock your iPhone.

At that moment, the team was still focusing on getting feedback from the audience, and it was their first customer that suggested they should implement a feature that would enable the audience to ask questions. Realizing that regardless of which country the events are held in, audiences around the globe are always afraid of publicly asking questions. And so what was first considered a nice add-on became, along with live polls, the product’s core feature.

Strongly believing in innovation, the team released the seamless polls integration with Prezi the year after and launched the first-ever Google Glass app for event moderators in 2014.