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15/12/2014Using technology to bring more value to delegates
12/12/2014Event Tech of the Week: @Slidoapp
10/12/2014Technology Conferencing: Get Connected
13/11/2014Eibtm 2014 announces the top 10 innovations transforming the meetings industry
06/11/2014Fresh Ways Speakers Can Boost Audience Participation
03/11/2014A short course in live-tweeting
23/10/2014Content Strategy For Event Bloggers
22/10/2014How MPI Can Fix a Massive Disconnect in the Meetings Industry
21/10/2014Great Scott, It’s Back to the Future Day!
20/10/2014Las herramientas social media, clave en la comunicación de eventos (SP)
16/10/2014Flexible Learning Conference
10/10/ at EMS2014
07/10/ passes 1000 events milestone with Startup Grind London – powered by Google for Entrepreneurs passes 1000 events milestone with Startup Grind London – powered by Google for Entrepreneurs passes 1000 events milestone with Startup Grind London
01/10/201410 cose dalla Social Media Week di Londra (IT)
29/09/2014Mobile friendly event apps that we learnt about at social media week
26/09/2014Content marketing leads debate at Pickevent panel
#EventProfs Network host’s panel discussion on event content
25/09/2014Technology must be embraced by event organisers to maximise real-world impact warns’s head of interactive
03/09/2014Three Tips For Breaking Down the Language Barrier at Your Event
12/08/2014‘Death by Powerpoint’ isn’t the only option, says tech boss
17/07/ and Prezi: Easy Meets Simple for Audience Engagement
03/07/ to bring audience interaction to The Meetings Show’s Association Conference Brings Audience Interaction To TMS
24/06/2014Event industry reacts to Google Glass launch
09/06/2014Event tech: new outfit for the emperor?
08/06/ Launches In Mexico
06/06/2014Audience interaction tool launches in Mexico
04/06/ brings audience engagement to Prezi Brings Audience Engagement To Prezi brings audience engagement to Prezi brings audience engagement to Prezi offers the first integrated polling and Q&A option
27/05/2014Small business: powering events with digital technology
20/05/20145 Google Glass Apps for Meetings and Events directly in touch with your audience
15/05/2014Inspiration, tech and trends in events organizing, available to Romanian professionals on a new platform
Event technology: is it too taxing?
14/05/2014Don’t be a ‘digital magpie’, organisers told
13/05/2014Event planners urged to avoid being digital magpies at inaugural Twickenham Talks event
Twickenham Talks urge planners to avoid being digital magpies
12/05/2014First look at iBeacon app at Meet The Future event
Event Planners Urged to Avoid Being ‘Digital Magpies’ at Inaugural Twickenham Talks Event
C&IT TV: Google Glass
09/05/2014Google Glass will ’empower moderators’
02/05/2014How To Display Tweets At Your Event
28/04/2014Twickenham takes a close up look at Google Glass
27/04/2014Craft 2014 – Swallowed by a whale in Budapest
25/04/ to showcase Google Glass app for event managers
First UK showcase of for Google Glass
23/04/2014Future event tech to be explored at Central Hall Westminster
17/04/2014Audience interaction tool hits 20,000 questions
10/04/2014Audience Interaction Tool Hits 20,000 Questions
Top tips on getting your audience to ask questions
07/04/2014Eventex Awards Winners
5 Tech Tips For Promoting an Event in 2014
25/03/ scoops third event technology award
Audience interaction firm scoops third event technology award
23/03/2014Takeaways from Craft Conference 2014
19/03/2014Articulating opinion: Interview with audience interaction specialist,
18/03/ The Event Organizer’s Wingman The event Organizer’s Wingman
Eventex Award Winners Announced
16/03/2014The Panel Report 2014
13/03/2014Poll Your Audience – No Clickers Needed
11/03/2014Tech Tuesday:
20/02/’s story
28/01/2014First Google Glass App For Event Organizers
27/01/20145 of the best apps for events
12/12/2013Meet Event Technology Awards winner:
10/12/201310 Event Trends for 2014
18/10/2013Meet 10 Event Startups Rocking in Europe and Vote for the Best One